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Algirdas Gricius

Algirdas Gricius
Men’s style consultant and The Noble Dandy founder


Algirdas Gricius is a men’s style consultant. His journey into the world of fashion began in 2015 with a desire to help men embrace timeless style effortlessly. In 2017, he authored a book focused on classic men’s fashion, sharing his insights and guidance with a broader audience. Algirdas is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Men’s style consultations

With a knack for transforming wardrobes, Algirdas has personally dressed over 200 men, curating looks for various occasions, whether it’s for professional settings, special events like weddings, or simply everyday attire. His goal has always been to infuse confidence and sophistication into men’s fashion choices, making style accessible to all.

The launch of The Noble Dandy

Taking his passion a step further, Algirdas launched The Noble Dandy, his very own fashion destination, in 2022. This upscale eshop embodies his vision of providing high-quality, stylish attire for the modern gentleman.

Public appearances

Recognized for his expertise, Algirdas has made appearances on national television morning shows, sharing his insights and tips on refining men’s style. Moreover, he conducts engaging seminars, offering businesses valuable advice on how a well-considered appearance can enhance their professional image.

Through his commitment to guiding men toward timeless and refined style, Algirdas Gricius continues to impact the world of men’s fashion, one confident step at a time.