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How to wear oxford shoes

Oxford shoes, known for their formal nature, demand careful consideration when pairing them with various outfits. Traditionally, they’re reserved for dark-colored suits, appropriate for formal occasions like business meetings, weddings, or special events. However, exceptions exist, allowing for their use with less formal attire.

To effectively match them with different outfits, we’ll categorize them into three color groups: black, brown, and tan. Each color suggests suitable outfits to pair with the shoes. So, without further ado, let’s explore our recommendations for coordinating your oxford shoes across these three color categories.

How to wear black oxford shoes

Magnanni Milos black toe cap oxford shoes
Black oxford shoes typically feature a toe cap design, making them the most formal type of shoe. They are best suited for important business meetings, evening events, or special occasions like weddings. Due to their black color, we recommend pairing them with dark-colored suits such as black, navy, or charcoal. While medium shades may work, lighter colors may create too much contrast between the shoes and trousers. Remember to polish them well since they are the most formal shoes and must always look impeccable.

Our recommendations for black oxford shoes:

How to wear brown or burgundy oxford shoes

Magnanni Milos dark mahogany toe cap oxford shoes
Brown or burgundy oxford shoes strike the perfect balance between formal and smart casual attire. They’re formal enough to pair with business suits (unless your workplace dress code says “no brown in town”) yet casual enough to complement chinos and blazers. Dark brown or burgundy hues pair well with navy or charcoal suits, while medium shades complement grey, blue, or olive green chinos and suits. However, as oxford shoes lean towards the formal side, we recommended to wear a tie for a polished and cohesive appearance.

Our recommendations for brown or burgundy oxford shoes:

How to wear tan oxford shoes

Cheaney Arthur tan oxford shoes
Tan oxford shoes present a unique challenge – their design suggests formality, while their color leans towards casual. Many men find it difficult to match them with their outfits. Our suggestion is to approach them as a blend of both formal and casual elements. They pair best with suits featuring patterns and medium to light colors, offering a balance between formal and relaxed styles. Opt for tan oxfords when you aim to make a statement and stand out. However, pay close attention to other outfit details such as shirts, ties, socks and pocket squares. Careful coordination of colors is essential to avoid an overly busy look reminiscent of a Christmas tree.

Our recommendations for tan oxford shoes:

How to wear oxford brogue shoes

Cheaney Arthur III dark leaf brogue oxford shoes
When it comes to wearing oxford brogue shoes, the distinctive perforations add both casual charm and tradition to the classic oxford silhouette. Consider the shoe’s color: darker hues like deep browns or blacks pair well with formal attire, while lighter shades such as tan or cognac offer a more relaxed option for smart casual outfits. Balance is key, letting the shoes be the focal point while keeping the rest of your attire understated. Pay attention to the occasion; while brogue oxfords add personality to formal ensembles, they may not be suitable for ultra-formal events.

Our recommendations for oxford brogue shoes:

Understanding oxford shoes means knowing when to dress up and when to keep it less formal. Black oxfords are for formal occasions, while brown or burgundy ones strike a balance between formal and smart casual. Tan oxfords add a unique touch, and brogue styles blend tradition with charm. With these options, you’ll always be ready to make a statement, no matter the occasion.