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About us

Founded by style consultant Algirdas Gricius, The Noble Dandy is an online menswear store with a personal touch. Algirdas picks each shoe, garment, and accessory carefully, ensuring every piece reflects quality and refined style.

The Noble Dandy simplifies your search for essential menswear. Algirdas curates a collection of high-quality items that are not only stylish but also versatile, making it easy to find wardrobe essentials that go well together.

If you’re starting your style journey, The Noble Dandy is the perfect place. We focus on essential items, making it straightforward for newcomers to build a versatile wardrobe without the confusion.

For the seasoned gentleman, already well-versed in the language of fashion, our selection offers the assurance of quality. Here, you’ll discover not only timeless classics but also thoughtfully curated selections that elevate your style game.

Algirdas Gricius

Algirdas Gricius
Men’s style consultant and The Noble Dandy founder