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Top 5 Carlos Santos shoes

I think that all of the Carlos Santos shoes are great, but also understand that buying them all can be quite an expensive task. That’s why we’ve narrowed down my top 5 favorites, versatile enough for various occasions and outfit pairings. Join me as I delve into the world of Carlos Santos shoes, exploring everything from casual boots to formal oxfords.

1. Carlos Santos 9381 Gary – dark brown derby shoes

Carlos Santos 9381 Gary dark brown toe cap men's derby shoes

9381 Gary Goodyear welted dark brown derbies by Carlos Santos offer the ideal blend of style and versatility, making them an essential addition to your footwear collection. If you had to choose just one pair of classic shoes, these would be it. The rich dark brown hue complements trousers of any color, and the toe cap design introduces a hint of formality, making them suitable for both smart casual ensembles and suits. The Dainite rubber sole ensures adaptability to various weather conditions, ensuring you can confidently wear them year-round.

For an optimal color and style balance, I suggest pairing Carlos Santos 9381 Gary derby shoes with blue or grey suits in medium to darker shades, ensuring the shoes neither overshadow nor appear too dark.

2. Carlos Santos 8627 Harold – black oxford shoes

Carlos Santos 8627 Harold black toe cap men's oxford shoes

The 8627 Harold black toe cap Goodyear welted oxfords from Carlos Santos are an excellent option for those seeking formal footwear with a stylish twist. Featuring a sleek and elegant design with leather soles, these shoes are further enhanced by a hand painted patina, adding texture to the black color and setting them apart. Ideal for your most formal occasions, whether it be a crucial business meeting or a special event.

I advise pairing Carlos Santos 8627 Harold oxford shoes exclusively with dark-colored suits, such as navy, charcoal, or black, to achieve a flawless balance between formality and style.

3. Carlos Santos 6942 Andrew – brown monk strap shoes

Carlos Santos 6942 Andrew brown men's monk strap shoes

For a touch of sophistication, consider the 6942 Andrew brown monk strap shoes by Carlos Santos. These elegant and stylish shoes are versatile enough to enhance a variety of outfits, from double-breasted suits to casual jeans. The beautiful brown hand-painted patina and silver buckles make them stand out, whether you’re strolling through the city or attending a fancy cocktail party.

To maintain a balanced look, I suggest pairing Carlos Santos 6942 monk strap shoes with medium or light-colored trousers or suits to avoid excessive contrast with the shoe color.

4. Carlos Santos 8866 Stallone – dark brown boots

Carlos Santos 8866 Stallone coimbra men's lace-up boots

The 8866 Stallone presents an ideal choice for those seeking a pair of Carlos Santos boots suitable for the cold season. Featuring thick rubber soles for weather protection, it also showcases a beautiful hand-painted brown patina and an elegant silhouette, making it versatile enough to pair not only with casual jeans but also with suits, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

While Carlos Santos 8866 Stallone boots undoubtedly complement jeans and other casual ensembles, don’t hesitate to experiment and pair them with your flannel winter suits, for instance.

5. Carlos Santos 7902 Norris – black Chelsea boots

Carlos Santos 7902 Norris black men's Chelsea boots

The 7902 Norris stands as your essential black Chelsea boot from by Carlos Santos. Featuring a sleek and minimalistic silhouette, devoid of unnecessary details, and equipped with a Dainite rubber sole, these boots encompass everything needed for style and versatility. The black color ensures compatibility with all your darker trousers, making it a versatile choice suitable for various winter ensembles. Additionally, the slip-on design guarantees ease of wear.

7902 Norris Chelsea boots from Carlos Santos pair well with jeans and smart casual outfits, but I also suggest combining them with a flannel suit and a merino wool roll-neck sweater for a distinctive bohemian look.

While all Carlos Santos shoes are exceptional in their own right, the top 5 selected here showcase the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, style, and versatility. Whether you opt for the classic elegance of derby shoes, the formal sophistication of oxford shoes, or the stylish flair of monk strap shoes and boots, Carlos Santos has something for every discerning gentleman. Choose wisely, invest in quality, and step confidently into any situation with Carlos Santos shoes.