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When and how to wear a tie in different settings

It’s no secret that ties, timeless symbols of sophistication and style, have lost some popularity over time, which leaves many men uncertain about when to wear one. While it’s clear that formal settings demand a tie, the question arises for casual occasions – is it too much? To address this and similar questions, we’ve prepared a practical guide to help you know when and how to wear a tie.

Business and corporate settings

In the realm of business and corporate environments, the need for wearing a tie is crystal clear. If your colleagues are donning suits with ties, it’s a mandatory dress code to follow suit. Moreover, your tie (as well as your suit) selection demands attention to detail. Opting for a conservative approach works best here, favoring classic navy, grey, and burgundy colors. For this occasion, stripes are the best-suited pattern, as long as they remain tasteful and not overly vibrant.

Black Tie events

When you’re heading to Black Tie events, it’s essential to consider the dress code’s formality. For occasions labeled “Black Tie required,” a classic black bow tie is a must, and remember, it’s best to tie it yourself rather than going for a pre-tied one. On the other hand, in events with a “Black Tie optional” dress code, you have the freedom to choose a black suit instead of a tuxedo, and match it with a black silk tie as an equally stylish option.

Formal events

If you’re heading to a formal event that isn’t Black Tie, wearing a tie is still a must. The rules here are a bit more relaxed compared to business settings, giving you the freedom to play around with tie colors and patterns. Of course, sticking with dark, plain-colored ties is a safe bet, but it wouldn’t hurt to go for something brighter and patterned as long as it isn’t too wild or casual. Finding the right balance lets you express your style without going overboard.

Smart casual occasions

In the Smart Casual dress code, there’s no need for a tie, but you can totally play around with one to level up your look. What’s great is that you have complete freedom to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. It’s your moment to rock vibrant hues and bold patterns alongside unstructured sports jackets or blazers, paired with chinos or dress trousers. The key is to ensure they all complement each other seamlessly.

Business Casual occasions

While there’s no strict requirement to wear a tie with a Business Casual dress code, that doesn’t mean you can’t add one to your look. Whether you’re in a laid-back office or spending an evening with friends, donning a tie can still be a stylish choice. Embrace more unconventional options, like knit or grenadine ties, for instance. These ties not only go well with blazers and sports coats but can also pair wonderfully with v-neck sweaters or cardigans.

So, here’s the bottom line: you can rock a tie on any occasion as long as you nail the right choice. Formal dress codes may narrow your options, but in more laid-back settings, you have the freedom to flaunt your personal style. So, the next time you find yourself wondering whether you can sport a tie, the answer will be a resounding “absolutely yes.”