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Category Oxford Shoes
Brand Magnanni
Color Black
Design Toe cap
Last Magnanni 270-Bol
Construction Bologna
Fit F (medium)
Material Calf leather, Leather
Sole Leather
Origin Spain
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Magnanni is a luxury footwear brand based in Spain, renowned for its high-quality handcrafted men's shoes. The company was founded in 1954 by Sebastian Blanco Aldomar in the town of Almansa, Spain. The brand has remained a family-owned business, with subsequent generations of the Blanco family continuing the tradition of fine shoemaking.
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Shoe style - oxford shoes
The style
Oxford Shoes
One of the most recognizable classic shoe styles, Oxfords have a history spanning over 200 years. It is said that these shoes were named by Oxford University students in the 19th century, but it is likely that this style existed long before then. This is the most formal type of shoe, which pairs perfectly with a suit for both business settings and special occasions.